Custom UIRefreshControl animation

Mar 18
in ios, swift

React + Flux backed by Rails API

Small updates

Jan 26

Designing an Icon a Day: Week 1

Jan 7
in sketch


Designing an icon a day

Dec 16
in sketch

Fun with iBeacon

Jul 1

UIKit Dynamics

May 22
in ios, uikit


Apr 19
in ios, objc

Hey iOS, I like you, we should be friends

Mar 10
in ios, objc

AMScrollingNavbar: creating a cocoapod

Feb 1

Configuring Alljoyn on iOS

Jan 25

Network Stubs with OHHTTPStubs

iOS Test Setup

Jan 6
in ios, kif, objc, specta

Rails Test setup

Jan 5
in rails, rspec


Open for business

Nov 10