Small Updates

written in rails, sketch

I’m about to close week 4 of the “One icon a day” challenge, sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s tough, but I’m glad I started this project. Adding some spice to the mix I also started recording what I do, mistakes and brain farts included. You can find the videos in this Youtube playlist.

Speaking of icons, a Reddit user suggested to put the resulting icons on the NounProject. I should have thought about this before, I mean, I really wish I thought about this before, because they have some requirements that differ a bit from what I’ve been doing. No strokes for starters, which sucks since I’ve been using them like it’s my job. Other than that, it’s gonna be smooth sailing.

Being a developer

Let’s talk about writing code for a while.
I took a pause from iOS in the past few months, I’m not happy about it, but to face some pressing matters I had to put my web developer’s clothes on. In the end, I’m glad, since I had a chance to choose and tinker with new stuff. First of all, I took the full API backed frontend route, using rails-api (a stripped down version of Rails) to provide data for a React web app, implemented with a vanilla Flux architecture.

React and Flux are the new kids on the block, the documentation and community are still almost a work in progress, and there are little to no patterns to follow, even for the most trivial stuff as performing async requests or authenticating a user. I scratched my head for a while, but in the end I’ve learned quite a bit, and I’m liking this new way of writing frontend apps more and more every day.

I’m planning on writing all down in an article in the next few days, covering all: setup, the Flux architecture, authenticating the user with a token, performing async requests.
Until next time.