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Small Updates

I’m about to close week 4 of the “One icon a day” challenge, sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s tough, but I’m glad I started this project. Adding some spice to the mix I also started recording what I do, mistakes and brain farts included. You can find the videos in this Youtube playlist.

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Designing an Icon a Day: Week 1

Week 1 over for this challenge. So far so good, the commitment required seems bearable, and to be honest it’s a great way to take the mind off the other stuff. I’m still not sure about the general style of the icons though. So far I opted for large icons, with a fair amount of details, outlined with two possible stroke widths (4px and 2px). I’m not sure about this, they might look good on a landing page or a dashboard, but they’ll probably look off on a smaller scale in an app.
I’m probably going to switch style the next month or further up down the road, but for now, they’ll do.

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Designing an Icon a Day

“This year is the year. The year when I actually take my new year’s resolution to its completion”. That’s what I tell myself every year. Last year I started a new resolution: post an article a month on this blog. Well… that went great as you can see, although it was a nice experience being on the first page of Hacker News for a brief period.

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